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         TongFeng have been specializing in manufacturing flexible conduit for industrial applications since 1989. Our flexible conduit include flexible squarelocked and interlocked stainless-steel,pvc coated stainless steel flexible conduit and custom specifications. Our production facilities are fully automated and we have complete quality assurance programs. We are ISO 9001 certified.

      TongFengflex manufactures unique tubing that is relied on in numerous industries. The tubing is produced by helical coiling of metal strip onto a spindle, with the helical coils being linked with each other by means of a special type of strip profile. Basic materials for the strip are stainless steel. However, other metals are also available.

      Applications: Instrumentation tubing is used by manufacturers of various industries, such as Process & Control Instrumentation, Measuring & Controlling Devices, Analytical Instruments, Medical Instruments and many others with specific applications including temperature measuring, wiring conduit or armor cable and protective casing. 


Industrial conduits :TongFeng is the leading manufacturer of Flexible metal conduit,Flexible electrical conduit ,Stainless steel Flexible conduit,TongFeng Products -- Your Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.
As an industrial leader, the company offers flexible stainless steel conduits which is very flexible, corrosion resistant, EMI Shielding and most suitable for instrument wiring protections (Square-locked Tubes or Interlocked Tubes).
We appreciate your business and hope our website is informative and efficient for you.

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a quality range of PVC Coated Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit. Our conduits are used for mechanical protection of cable and wire in tunnels, hospitals, high-rise office blocks and public buildings, airlines, underground and others. Further, these are PVC coated in order to ensure resistance against corrosion. These stainless steel flexible conduits are most suitable for tight-spot installation and in places where certain water tightness is required.stainless steel, helical wound, flexible stainless steel conduit is available in poly vinyl coating in black color with spiral corrugated pattern finished surface. 
Features:stainless steel, helically wound, flexible steel conduit with pvc coating. Colour black. Grey or orange on request 
• Highly flexible 
•Flame retardant 
•Low smoke density 
•Water resistance 
•High mechanical strength 
•Highly flexible 
•Temperature Range: -20°C to +100°C 
IP rating: IP40 with standard fittings 
Inherent Low Fire Hazard Product.

Pvc coated squarelock flexible conduit
PVC Coated Interlock Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

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