Fiber Protection Tubes, Features and Sheathing Material

Fiber Protection Tubes, Features and Sheathing Material


Impact resistant

Heat resistant

Welding sparks

Repeated bending

Lateral pressure

Prevents loss of optical signal

In combination with a Fiber Protection Connector, a variety of sensors can be completely protected up to the sensor head, especially with applications that are subject to repeated bending. Due to the different types of interlocking and materials used, the Fiber Protection Tubes can be supplied in a variety of models. Please contact us details.


Electrical wire protection

Medical equipment

Commercial game machines



Outdoor Video observation cameras

Military applications

Measurement Equipment

Shower Hose

Microphone stands

Rodent protection

Optical fiber and sensor cables

Car– and Audio Industry

Aviation Industry

Fiber Optic Insertion:

Standard fiber insertion techniques can be used. Through a proprietary process . we can also pre-load a roll of tubing with your fiber. Please contact us for details.

Surface treatment:

Double washing — for high precision applications

Chemical Polishing — Extra shiny surface for optical application

Sheathing with an environmental friendly product:

As a substitute for PVC, Olefin Elastomer was developed, which is a highly

flexible Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) product.