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flexible stainless steel hose

Tongfeng has introduced a complete line of FLEXIBLE OVERBRAIDING CONDUIT SYSTEMS, providing one of the most comprehensive ranges available.
Developed for use on machining and OEM applications, the protective overbraided steel conduits systems have extended their applications for chemical, engineering, offshore, rail, underground, tunnel and security applications, or wherever systems could be subjected to vandalism.
Ou overbraided flexible conduit systems protect vulnerable cabling on metal machining, welding or heavy plant where abrasion, spillage and increased temperature are all serious operational considerations. They also satisfy arduous demands on railway rolling stock and on essential line-side applications such as signalling and communications
The Screening overbraiding can afford a standard or high degree of EMI screening capability protecting the cables carried within the flexible system.
The braided flexible steel conduits are most suitable for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or where electromagnetic interference EMI screening of conduit is required.Where abuse resistance is a consideration, the abrasion resistant stainless steel covered polyamide conduit system, Type PBF, offers low fire hazard properties of a non-metallic flexible system with stainless steel braiding. This makes it suitable for locations prone to vandalism, the use of overbraided flexible conduit affords additional protection to umbilicals on CCTV systems, particularly in remote locations. Overbraiding increases the security of installations in sensitive or high risk public areas, typical applications being underground, communications, public safety, security, lighting and CCTV installations.
Tongfeng Screen Flexible Conduits Systems also offer cost-effective alternatives to individually screened cables within applications where cross talk has no adverse effect. Additionally, the user gains the mechanical advantage of a cable management system, which afford the means to easily add, substitute or replace cables in an existing cable run at any time.

Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit: Type AT is an ultra-flexible, stainless steel conduit designed primarily for OEM applications. A typical application would be armouring in specialty sensing devices, or medical equipment, including fiber-optics.  
SMALL BORE HOSE, Flexible stainless steel conduit for CCTV/roller shutter
Tongfeng manufactures unique tubing that is relied on in numerous industries. The tubing is produced by helical coiling of a cold-rolled metal strip onto a spindle, with the helical coils being linked with each other by means of a special type of strip profile. Basic materials for the strip are stainless steel or galvanized steel strip. However, other metals are also available. flexible stainless steel conduit
Applications: Offshore and Chemical Plants & Optical Fiber and sensors wirings Instrumentation tubing is used by manufacturers of various industries, such as Process & Control Instrumentation, Measuring & Controlling Devices, Analytical Instruments, Medical Instruments and many others with specific applications including temperature measuring, wiring conduit or armor cable and protective casing.
Photo on shown on the left:
Small ID flexible metallic conduit used for Flexible Fiber Optic Scope wirings.
Instrumentation tubing is made in two configurations, or constructions, commonly called SquareLok and InterLok, and is often abbreviated as SL and FI.
Technical Data / specifications: SquareLok Style (SL)
 SquareLok tubing is produced from a continuous metal strip, and is held in position by locking one leg of one profile over the leg of the adjacent profile.

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