Flexible metal conduit,Flexible electrical conduit ,Stainless steel Flexible conduitit manufacturing Process
Process: on the material - cutting head - wearing head - Feeding - rolling type - Volume control - Parking - Electrolysis - test - warehousing 
First, vol pipe materials necessary for stainless steel strip need to be consistent with the requirements of:
1, stainless steel band and not allowed to appear ride, Alice, such as bending and flouncing phenomenon;
2, stainless steel edge does not allow the mouth with shaving or injury, nor will we allow bending or pulling narrow;
3, stainless steel surface should be flat and smooth, burr-free edge and the broken edge.
Second, volume control is supported by the necessary materials for the general mechanical oil, mainly used for lubricating strip, to prevent cracking in the roll tube. Mechanical oil water content the better, not allowed to contain acid or other corrosive metal impurities, may not be solidified at room temperature.
Third, major components, spare parts installation and adjustment method
1, rolling stick installation and adjustment;
2, imported guide plate installation and adjustment;
3, rolling stick and import guide plate installed to check the quality;
4, R guide plate installation and adjustment;
5, R installation guide plate quality checks;
6, forming the first installation of the wheel and adjust